Recital for the elderly at 6th of February - Photos

We had a great time at the St. James' Settlement where we gave a concert to our friends. 

Please visit our Facebook page where you can check all of the photos we took on the concert and share them with your friends and families!

Please welcome the new members of our Faculty: Ms. Kanice and Ms. Suzanna!

We are excited to welcome our two newest members of the Best Music Team: Kanice Kwan and Suzanna Sitomer. Please join us in welcoming both Ms. Kanice and Ms. Suzanna by introducing yourself the next time you are in for a lesson. You can read their biographies on our Faculty page and we're coming up with personal interviews with them as well. :)

Welcome aboard Kanice and Suzanna!

Ms. Kanice Hoi Link Kwan

Ms. Suzanne Sitomer

Interview with Mr. Peter Tsui

How did you begin your musical studies?

I was 5 years old. My mother loves music and she brought me to the first piano lesson. 6 months later, I started my violin lessons in my primary school. In the last month of my P1 year, I started my 1st orchestra experience, an activity I have continued even to this day.

What’s your favorite instrument?

As I am a symphony lover, I like every instrument. I like the symphonic sound-playing together! I like how each instrument brings different character and tone colour when listening. A very very brief example of some special characteristics of different instrumental families: the woodwind family can give a moody blues tone, the string family can give a beautiful lyrical melody, the brass family can give a strong and powerful march, the percussion family can be pitched (tuned like the timpami, drum set or piano) and non-pitched (non-tuned like the djembe, bell tree or bongo drum). 

How many characters does the percussion family have?

Musical instruments are awesome! For me, I like them all! If you only like one or two instruments, I challenge you to listen more and find more characters of instrument :D I am sure that you will love with it.

What is your favourite age group to teach and why?

I like to share my knowledge with everyone. If I had to choose I enjoy teaching teenagers as I enjoy sharing things with them. I find I have an easier time discussing music history, structure, theory and technique with older children. I don't mind teaching beginners or advanced students, as I like to build a musical foundation with them. One of the most rewarding experiences is bringing them to the stage, being their good duet partner and watch them shine! 

Congratulations to our Stars of the month!

We are happy to cheer our new Star of the months! Congratulations to all and keep on practicing! :)

Allison and Ashley performed very well in the class and they practice hard, so they are Yankie's new Stars of the month! Congratulations! 

Congratulations to Isabel as she's Charliah's Star of the month! Keep on practicing! 

Congratulations to Rachel to her Star of the Month achievement at Valerie's class! 

Introducing: Best Music Heroes

This is how we reward your loyalty: introducing Best Music Heroes

We are delighted to announce our new program that rewards our students and their families for their unstoppable support and loyalty for our Music School. Introducing Best Music Heroes programme! 

What are the benefits of becoming a Best Music Hero?

- 5% discount of full term tuition

- Free entry for one family member to our annual Family Day

- Announcement and student picture on Best Music website and social media sites

How can you become a Best Music Hero?

- Enrol in one of our courses for a full term 

- Become Star of the Month by recommendation of your teacher

- Recommend a trial lesson to at least one friend, who enrols to our school for the full term

It's simple is that. Claim your Hero status from your teacher today!

Interview with Ms. Charliah

How did you begin your musical studies?

When I was 5 years old, my parents sat me down asking me if I'd prefer to play the violin or the piano. They had an array of brochures filled with pictures of other children playing instruments placed on the table in front of me. After looking over the brochures for a moment, I told my parents I wanted to play the violin. Curious as to how I chose my answer, my parents asked me why I chose the violin instead of the piano. Simply, I chose the violin because I could take my instrument with me anywhere in the world to perform; if I learned to play the piano, I thought I only had the option of inviting people to my home to listen to me play. My violin brought me all the way to Hong Kong 20+ years later!

What’s your favorite instrument?

My favorite instrument is the harp. A small part of me has always wished I learned to play the harp because it reminds me of being more angelic than the violin or viola. The harp isn’t as popular of an instrument, but it definitely holds a few unique qualities of being a solo instrument like the violin, as well as an accompanying instrument like the piano.

What is your favourite age group to teach and why?

Oh this is a tough question to answer because each age group has it’s own special qualities. I love teaching younger children and babies because they are enthusiastic to learn, as well as give hugs; I enjoy teaching teens because they seem to have more of an independent desire to learn a musical instrument; but I also enjoy teaching adults because they understand my cynical humour more than children, yet need just as much encouragement as a young child. So, I will therefore say I love to teach because I become a better musician when I find myself teaching the same terms in three different ways,  to all the differing ages, in the same afternoon. 

Interview with Ms. Yankie

How did you begin your musical studies? 

I began my music studies when I was around 5 or 6. It was similar to those in BMA such as group class teaching, note reading, and solo performance. At first, I didn't enjoy the practices because the strings made my fingers pain. However, the melody that I played made me feel amazing and proud of myself. Therefore, I didn't stop the learning and I ended up as a violin instructor. 

What’s your favourite instrument? 

My favorite instrument must be violin but I also know flute and erhu. I really enjoy the sound of strings. To be more precise, I love that vibration sound from the sound box, which is much like vocals. It's important to pick an instrument of which the sound you like, otherwise, you won't get to practise with it. 

What is your favourite age group to teach and why? 

Different age groups have different teaching methods. For the young kids, we have lots of interesting forms to teach and to inspire their music talent. It is usually like a little music playground more than a classroom. Through our methods, kids can assemble skills and knowledge they learned like solving a puzzle.

Best Music 5th Annual Winter Concerts

On the 8th and the 15th of November we had our wonderful 5th Annual Winter Concerts featuring our students and their families at the Hong Kong Science Museum. 

Our repertoire included: 

Best Early Childhood Music Program: Pop Goes the Weasel

Best Baby Violin Program: Rest Position, Head and Shoulders Song, Open String Blues

Adult Ensemble: Four European Folk Songs and O Come All Ye Faithful

Everyone: I Like You, Jingle Bells, Twinkle variations

Have a look at the full set of photos on our Facebook page here