Interview with Mr. Peter Tsui

How did you begin your musical studies?

I was 5 years old. My mother loves music and she brought me to the first piano lesson. 6 months later, I started my violin lessons in my primary school. In the last month of my P1 year, I started my 1st orchestra experience, an activity I have continued even to this day.

What’s your favorite instrument?

As I am a symphony lover, I like every instrument. I like the symphonic sound-playing together! I like how each instrument brings different character and tone colour when listening. A very very brief example of some special characteristics of different instrumental families: the woodwind family can give a moody blues tone, the string family can give a beautiful lyrical melody, the brass family can give a strong and powerful march, the percussion family can be pitched (tuned like the timpami, drum set or piano) and non-pitched (non-tuned like the djembe, bell tree or bongo drum). 

How many characters does the percussion family have?

Musical instruments are awesome! For me, I like them all! If you only like one or two instruments, I challenge you to listen more and find more characters of instrument :D I am sure that you will love with it.

What is your favourite age group to teach and why?

I like to share my knowledge with everyone. If I had to choose I enjoy teaching teenagers as I enjoy sharing things with them. I find I have an easier time discussing music history, structure, theory and technique with older children. I don't mind teaching beginners or advanced students, as I like to build a musical foundation with them. One of the most rewarding experiences is bringing them to the stage, being their good duet partner and watch them shine!