Violin and viola introduction

(3.5 years - adult)

“My child can play Mozart!” This is what you will be saying after a few weeks of practicing after enrolling your child in one of our instrumental programs. At Best Music Academy, we use a combination of teaching methods to tutor younger children, alongside the practicing parent. And who better to encourage your child to learn an instrument than you, the parent?!? Since children learn best at a younger age, the teachers at BMA will help foster a great foundation of posture, listening skills, and then note-reading skills.

After first meeting with Peter and and Ms. Charliah I realised that Best Music Academy was offering a very different musical education.  The most important of which to me is the partnership between teacher, school director, student and parent. Playing the violin is not easy, especially when you are only six, but by providing the boys with calm, patient tutoring paired with a clear expectation of what is to be achieved within the lesson I feel the boys rise to the occasion more often than not. There is a level of respect within the school not just for the teachers but also the art of learning the violin.

By being present at every lesson I feel fully able to understand what the children are learning so that practise at home is much more effective. We have clear homework set and so we all know what needs to be covered by the next lesson. Because of this, practise does not become overwhelming and unfocused. There is always a sense of success when we can go to the next lesson fully prepared.

As a parent, I feel that this is very much an activity that I am doing with my children. Rather than sending them to lessons, we are going together and learning together. This has become a special time for us both at lessons and at home and practise is something we are having a lot of fun with.

The lessons are well taught with focus on sight reading and thinking for themselves. Their sight-reading has improved very quickly and also their understanding of how to express themselves with their violin. They are gaining a real sense of how to feel the music and perform a piece and this reinforced by the chance to perform in public often
— by a mom of 2 boys learning violin, aged 6 years and 8 years