Interview with Ms. Yankie

How did you begin your musical studies? 

I began my music studies when I was around 5 or 6. It was similar to those in BMA such as group class teaching, note reading, and solo performance. At first, I didn't enjoy the practices because the strings made my fingers pain. However, the melody that I played made me feel amazing and proud of myself. Therefore, I didn't stop the learning and I ended up as a violin instructor. 

What’s your favourite instrument? 

My favorite instrument must be violin but I also know flute and erhu. I really enjoy the sound of strings. To be more precise, I love that vibration sound from the sound box, which is much like vocals. It's important to pick an instrument of which the sound you like, otherwise, you won't get to practise with it. 

What is your favourite age group to teach and why? 

Different age groups have different teaching methods. For the young kids, we have lots of interesting forms to teach and to inspire their music talent. It is usually like a little music playground more than a classroom. Through our methods, kids can assemble skills and knowledge they learned like solving a puzzle.