Charliah Best

Director, Violin and Viola

When Charliah was 5 years old, her parents asked if she would like to learn to play the violin or the piano. Charliah chose the violin because she figured it would be easier to carry a violin to venues when performing, rather than carrying a piano. After many years of performing and practicing, she decided to study Music Education at Hartwick College (New York, USA). With this degree, she was able to share her love of music with others by becoming an orchestra, band, and choir teacher. Later, she earned a Masters in Music with emphasis in Viola Performance and Suzuki Pedagogy from the Hartt School of Music (Connecticut, USA).

Throughout the years, Charliah has studied music with many prestigious musicians: Marvin Warsaw (Viola), Philip Ventre (Orchestral Conducting), Teri Einfeldt (Suzuki Violin), Linda Fiore (Suzuki Violin), Roberta Guaspari (Suzuki Violin), Melinda Daestch (Suzuki Viola), and Steve Larson (Viola). Though a native of Hamden, Connecticut (USA), Charliah has thoroughly enjoyed living in Hong Kong as a Violist and Violinist.

When Charliah isn’t teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and close friends; but she feels most comfortable performing jazz, rock, fiddle and avant-garde music on her violin around Hong Kong. Keep an eye out for her performances in local cafes and bars!

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Yankie Chow Lok Yan


Chow, Lok Yan Yankie started her musical journey when she was 6 years old. At that time, her school organized a violin course and her parents asked her if she would like to learn to join the violin course. Because Yankie wasn’t sure of what a violin was, her parents described a violinist in a very humorous way, which she still remembers. Yankie chose to learn the violin because she thought the posture of playing the violin was very cool. When she was 14, Yankie ‘s musical eye was attracted to the shiny, bright and silver flute; so, without hesitation, she began to learn this instrument as well.

Yankie’s love for orchestras developed when she was only in Primary One. She also served as the principle flue part in secondary school, which is quite an honor at such a young age. She has been performing with various orchestras in different venues all around Hong Kong. Yankie has participated in musical events, such as The Hong Kong Joint-University Philharmonic Orchestra charity concert and the music concert of Mr. Joe Junior. At the moment, Yankie enjoys playing music with her friends around the city.

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Kanice Hoi Ling Kwan

Viola, Violin and music therapy

Kanice’s fondness for music stemmed from taking up the piano at the age of 3 and following this she quickly developed a passion for the violin, viola and organ, whilst also taking classical singing lessons and being a member of various choirs and orchestras both at school and at university. Kanice’s musical taste is hugely influenced by her music teachers, Mr David Chapman and Mr Roland Fudge. Having been working as a Music Styling Programmer, Kanice has broadened her knowledge of music, including repertoire from Baroque period to popular music, yet classical music remains her all time favourite; she finds Chopin’s delicate nocturnes soothe her stresses, while Wagner’s operas especially Das Rheingold of Der Ring des Nibelungen drives her in great agitation.

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong majoring in Music & German, Kanice pursued further on her music career by returning to the U.K., completed a M.A. Music Therapy programme at Roehampton University. During the two-year- training, Kanice has gained different experiences working along with people ranging from young children to adults who have special needs e.g. autistic spectrum disorder, psychotic depression and learning disabilities. Since September 2015, Kanice has become a U.K. registered Music Therapist. Kanice believes the use of musical improvisation can stimulate imagination, encouraging expressions and enabling the exchanges of a wide variety of emotions.

Apart from devoting to music therapy work, Kanice began her music teaching career way back in 2011, providing individual/ group classes for piano, violin/ viola and music theory.

With both Music and Music Therapy trainings, Kanice hopes that her professional knowledge in Music Therapy could be a helpful source to her teaching work, thus making a more personal, reciprocal learning experience for the students.

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