Interview with Ms. Charliah

How did you begin your musical studies?

When I was 5 years old, my parents sat me down asking me if I'd prefer to play the violin or the piano. They had an array of brochures filled with pictures of other children playing instruments placed on the table in front of me. After looking over the brochures for a moment, I told my parents I wanted to play the violin. Curious as to how I chose my answer, my parents asked me why I chose the violin instead of the piano. Simply, I chose the violin because I could take my instrument with me anywhere in the world to perform; if I learned to play the piano, I thought I only had the option of inviting people to my home to listen to me play. My violin brought me all the way to Hong Kong 20+ years later!

What’s your favorite instrument?

My favorite instrument is the harp. A small part of me has always wished I learned to play the harp because it reminds me of being more angelic than the violin or viola. The harp isn’t as popular of an instrument, but it definitely holds a few unique qualities of being a solo instrument like the violin, as well as an accompanying instrument like the piano.

What is your favourite age group to teach and why?

Oh this is a tough question to answer because each age group has it’s own special qualities. I love teaching younger children and babies because they are enthusiastic to learn, as well as give hugs; I enjoy teaching teens because they seem to have more of an independent desire to learn a musical instrument; but I also enjoy teaching adults because they understand my cynical humour more than children, yet need just as much encouragement as a young child. So, I will therefore say I love to teach because I become a better musician when I find myself teaching the same terms in three different ways,  to all the differing ages, in the same afternoon.