Interview with Ms. Kanice Hoi Ling Kwan

How did you begin your musical studies? 

I was 3 when I had my first ever piano lesson. I fell asleep when I was waiting for my sister to finish her piano lesson; mom saw that and thought it was a good idea for me to start some piano lessons instead of sleeping my life away!

What’s your favourite instrument? 

I never do have a favourite instrument because I want to master all instruments in the world one day haha! I am a pianist, violist, organist and singer myself. It is unfair if I pick one as my favourite I guess.

What is your favourite age group to teach and why? 

Again, it is difficult to pick a favourite. I love teaching all different age groups as everyone’s unique, each student and I have very different “sparks” in the lessons. Young children are full of curiosity, they give very genuine responses to whatever they hear, play and touch. This genuineness motivates me to teach them with huge passion!