Interview with Mrs. Suzanna Sitomer

How did you begin your musical studies?

I began my musical studies at age 6 one the flute. unfortunately for everyone around me, I never made a real sound on the thing the whole year. I begged my parents to switch to violin, but they told me I couldn't quit just because it was difficult. Even though I didn't learn much on the flute, I learned the discipline of persisting at something when it is difficult.  I promised my parents I would not switch instruments any more, that violin was the one for me. After a year of group classes, I started taking private lessons, and the rest is history. I kept my promise to never switch, though I did add the viola, cello, trumpet and voice to my skill set.

What’s your favourite instrument?

I love my violin, but I really love the cello. In fact, if I had it all to do over again, I would have played cello. Except for the fact that it is really bulky, and I used public trans an average of 4 times per day in secondary school. I might have learned to drive earlier, or arranged a car pool, but knowing then what I know now, I would definitely choose cello.

How many characters does the percussion family have?

Musical instruments are awesome! For me, I like them all! If you only like one or two instruments, I challenge you to listen more and find more characters of instrument :D I am sure that you will fall in love with it.

What is your favourite age group to teach and why?

I love beginners, at any age, because when they are really keyed in, they make such tremendous progress, and they are like sponges, soaking up everything that I tell them. I also like these students because I get the chance to teach children all the good habits I want them to have, and I don't have to correct any bad habits (like bow holds and flat wrists, tsk tsk!) left over from earlier learning.