The Winner of the 2016 Summer Photo Contest is Andrew P.!

Thank you to all who submitted practicing photos for this year’s contest. Our three judges have chosen a winner, despite the difficulty for choosing. 

This year’s winner is… Andrew P.! Here’s what the judges had to say about Andrew’s practice photo:

"I think Andrew was soaring to new heights this summer, minions below (and on his violin) with a lovely bow hand and fierce focus!!! His picture is my favorite!” - Mrs. Lisa Barca-Hall, Violin (California, USA)
"I love not only the Andrew's setup but admire his focus on the bow staying on the highway.  The background is pretty cool too!” - Mr. Aaron Lofaro, Strings Teacher and Orchestral Conductor (Connecticut, USA)
"I love his hand positions and his look of intense concentration.  I love how the flowers on his shirt blend in with the flowers on the balcony in juxtaposition with the buildings in the background." - Mr. Philip Ventre, Orchestral & Band Conductor (Connecticut, USA)

A very huge thank you to all our judges this year. Your support for the students of Best Music is undying across the continents!

Here are some of the other entries on the contest: