Interview with our guitar teacher, Christian Gillett

How did you begin your musical studies?

I began learning electric guitar when I was 12, but had always wanted to play from a very young age when my dad would play Pink Floyd albums really loud on the stereo. I always had a fascination with the instrument, even trying to build my own one out of cereal boxes and elastic bands when I was about 5 years old.

What’s your favourite instrument?

I go through cycles of instruments that I love. Pianos sound beautiful, even with the most simple chords. Harps and glockenspiels have a natural brightness to them, and cellos have such a range of emotion, even within singular notes. Right now I’m fascinated by the marimba, but I guess I always come back to the guitar, as it is so versatile.

What is your favourite age group to teach and why?

I am most experienced teaching teenagers. I enjoy that age range most, as I can see myself in them, with the drive to stand out from other kids at school, and to do something that is not only ‘cool’, but rewarding too. Since moving to Hong Kong I have started expanding my age range, and I now get excited by the challenges of teaching older children, and adults as I have to adapt my lessons to cater for each student individually.